About the project

The directory of digital civil society in Switzerland is an attempt to increase visibility of non-profit-oriented actors in the digital transformation. This sector still receives too little attention in Swiss digital policy, despite the wide range of expertise available.

It should be easy for journalists and politicians to find civil society organisations on various digital topics and efficiently ask them for an unbiased assessment and classification.

The directory is a result of a mapping and survey of digital civil society in Switzerland conducted by the Center for Philanthropy Studies (CEPS) at the University of Basel in collaboration with the Mercator Foundation Switzerland (To the full report, only available in German). It was initiated by the Alliance Digitale, an alliance of various non-profit organisations that advocate for open and democratic digitalisation with respect for fundamental and human rights.

Criteria for inclusion in the directory

Only organisations that meet the definition of digital civil society developed by the initiators are included in the directory. The definition is based on the generally accepted criteria of philanthropy and civil society and supplemented by the topic of digitalisation. It differs from the digital economy, science and state authorities. In addition, the definition was critically questioned and clarified by representatives of civil society.

Digital civil society includes organised movements, organisations and institutions as well as numerous unorganised or spontaneous collective actions that:

The initiators of the project decide on the final inclusion of an organisation profile in the directory. However, they will strictly adhere to the criteria listed above.