Stiftung Mercator Schweiz

Foundation · Founding year: 2001 · 21-50 employees · 21-50 volunteers
Gartenstrasse 33, 8002 Zürich

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German • French • English

We have experience with the media and/or political consultations (commissions, etc.).

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We advocate for a digitisation that puts people first. We strengthen the voice of civil society organisations in the current discourse on digital transformation and support them in helping to shape the digital world of tomorrow.

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«We support civil society in actively shaping the digital transformation.»

Torben Stephan Leiter Programm Digitalisierung + Gesellschaft

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Foundations, Stiftungswesen, IKT

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SwissFoundations, Alliance Digitale, Netzwerk Digitale Selbstbestimmung, SwissFoundations, Alliance Digitale